Zion is one of Brian's friends at school. At the end of every school day in 7th grade, Brian would always say "Bye!" and give him a handshake before he leaves. To this day, Zion is still a good friend to Brian. He is seen in the Dailymotion video "Seeing My Friend Zion at School".

He was later mentioned in the Brian Coukis The 90s Kid video "Xion Audio Player Windows 2000 review", where Brian talked about him.

Appearance Edit

In his first and only appearance in the Dailymotion video, Zion is depicted as an overweight African-American kid who wears a dark blue shirt and black pants

Trivia Edit

  • When Brian referenced Xion Audio Player to Zion, the first letters of the names are different.
  • Everyone at school including Zion, refer Brian's name as George for unknown reasons.
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