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Why Does It Have To Be Scary Logos is a short clip that Brian made at the end of his 5th Scary Logos Theater video from 2018. This animated clip is about Nature Cat's reaction to Scary Logos.

A comic based on the animation with screenshots from the animation itself was made by Brian Coukis himself on October 12 2021.


After Nature Cat watched the Scary Logos Theater in a theater with some of Brian's plush dolls such as Pray Sleepy Bear, Fred Flintstone, Booda Sloth, and Maria the Puppet. Nature Cat looks at the audience and says "Oh, why does it have to be scary logos. WHY?!?!". The camera then closes up on him and he's crying because he wished he'd never watch scary logos again. After that, his eyeballs become big and he says he's going to have nightmares.

In the 2018 Scary Logos Theater video, he said that he doesn't like scary logos and he thinks they're violent.




Nature Cat - Why Does It Have to Be Scary Logos!?

The animated short clip only.