• Do a clip from Hamster on the Loose

    So it starts off with Sir Higgins runs into the forest. Then Daisy screams "HAL WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Hal says "It wasn't my fault! The stupid hamster tricked me. Besides, let's just not look for him" Then Fred, Daisy, Squeeks, Tanya, and some random squirrel stare at him for a second with crickets chirping in the background. Hal then says "Ok ok! Lets find him" The random squirrel then randomly plays a guitar, and then Fred says "Where did you come from?" The squirrel says nothing and leaves. Then Fred gets a confused look on his face and says "Huh?" Squeeks then says "let's go!" Then everyone runs towards the forest and Hal walks slowly, then says quietly "I still think that hamster's stupid" Then Fred yells "I HEARD THAT!" in the distance. Then Hal says "coming!" then runs into the forest

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