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Thomas Hammocks (November 18, 1922 - May 26, 2010) was an American animator, producer, and storyboard artist. He was the founder of Hammocks Animation, which he founded in 1957. He served as the animation director for Wally Down Under (1977-1978) and Fred and the Nature Gang (1979-1994), and an executive producer for The Animals from 1983 until 1995.

He also began making animated soap operas beginning in 1968 with Beautiful Times for PBS, which he co-created with Irna Phillips, followed by Southland for Nickelodeon in 1978, and The Animals for The Disney Channel with D.A. Nichols in 1983, all of which were produced by Procter & Gamble. Hammocks also served as a writer for Beautiful Times along with several pioneers in the soap opera, which include Agnes Nixon and William J. Bell. He also helped with the launch of CC Network with his close friend Joseph Schaustz.

He also made all the backgrounds for Fred and the Nature Gang. After Hammocks Animation closed down in 1996, Hammocks remained as an animation consultant and supervisor for The Animals until his death in 2010. He also served as producer for the 2007 film Wally's Amazing Adventure. His three children would also form Hammocks Digital Studios in 2006.

Hammocks died on May 26, 2010 of a stroke at the age of 87. The May 28, 2010 episode of The Animals, and the feature film 5K Gagnon was dedicated to him. He was survived by his wife Yvette, and his three children Amber, Byron, and Melanie.

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