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The Nissa Series is a show that Brian made in MS Paint.


The show is about Nissa and her worst girlfriend and bully Sydney who does bad things to her like destroying her computer with trojan viruses and getting her whenever see goes to Mort's house as seen in "Mort Gets Caught By Alice".

Running Time

Each episode is 3-4 minutes, while the short ones are 1 minute

Episodes Note

So far, 4 episodes were made on YouTube and Dailymotion. The series started on January 27, 2015 and Brian is planning to make another episode called "Nissa Uses Windows 7" sometime in August 2016. The first one was a test that Brian made called "Windows XP Promo by Brian 2001"


  • Nissa's first bully was Sydney. The second one was Wyatt who is Sydney's brother (who was mentioned in "Nissa vs Sydney" but appears in "Nissa Insults Wyatt's Wedding" and "Looking After Nissa".)

Short Series

A short series of the Nissa Series is in progess by 2019 with two episodes. These can be found on Dailymotion.

  • Nissa Gets Sent Back to Jail (It's part of the episode "Nissa Uses Windows 7".)
  • A Message from Pauly

GoAnimate Series

A GoAnimate series of the Nissa Series consists 5 episodes made in Lil Peepz style.

  • Nissa Gets Arrested
  • Farley and Zachary Rescue Nissa From Jail
  • Vanessa Burns Penny Crayon VHS and gets grounded
  • Nissa Disrespects the New Student
  • Curves Gets Grounded for Uncancelling Season 8 of his show