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The Amazing Gang is an upcoming DeviantArt/YouTube/Vlare cartoon series that is set to premiere on June or July 26, 2020. It is all about the adventures of Brian's OCs. There will also be some animations on Brian Coukis the 90s Kid and briancoukis88169's accounts based on the art. The series will be produced by Brian Coukis Productions, Studio JND, Windmill Hill Entertainment, and distributed by FredbearMedia.

Pip Pip is also making a Vyond series, which is coming soon. The opening intro was uploaded so far.

Notable Characters Edit

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Cast Edit

  • Brian Coukis - Most characters
  • Pip Pip - Rocco the Master Cat
  • Juli DePallo - Fiona the Dogcoon
  • Almir Velovic - Albert the Skunk Cat
  • Dan P. Lyons - Marcus the Moose / Reiss the Bear
  • Kenzie Backlin - Sophie the Alligator

Trivia Edit

  • In the Vyond series, the show takes place in Springerfield, which is the same town where the K9.5 members live in.
  • This is the first production by Brian Coukis that will have different voice actors instead of Brian voicing every character.
  • Pip Pip Enterprises, Inc. co-produces the series through its Windmill Hill Entertainment label.

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