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Ronald Gets Grounded is an animated grounded series created by Pip Pip, that first debuted on YouTube on June 7, 2016. Based on Nature Cat, the series follows Ronald's antics that results in him getting grounded. The series is animated in GoAnimate/Vyond using the Comedy World theme.

The members of K9.5, Ella, Gershwyn, Maxine, Riff, and Theo, have made appearances on the series since November 13, 2018 during the fourth season.



Ronald the Purple Cat is the main antagonist of the series. He is considered by many fans as the worst character on the original Nature Cat series, including Pip Pip, the creator of the RGG series.

Nature Cat

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Episodes where K9.5 appears

  • Ronald Kills the K9.5 Gang/Grounded and Arrested (First Appearance)
  • Ronald Hacks Vyond And Gets Grounded
  • Ronald Gets a Punishment Day by the K9.5 Gang
  • Ronald Misbehaves at a K9.5 Concert
  • Ronald Ruins a K9.5 Concert...AGAIN!
  • Ronald Hosts A Slumber Party
  • Ronald Blows Up the GoCity Arena
  • Ronald Shaves Nature Cat's Fur/Assaulted
  • Ronald Steals Maxine's Pigtails And Gets Grounded
  • Ronald Robs the K9.5 Gang's House/Drowned in the Ocean
  • Ronald Becomes Huge
  • The K9.5 Gang Babysit Ronald
  • Ronald Ruins Ella and Gershwyn's Recital
  • Nature Cat and Gwendolyn Throw a Sit-On Party
  • Ronald and Miley Ruin the K9.5 Movie Premiere/Arrested
  • Ronald Misbehaves at Hal's Wedding
  • Ella and Gershwyn Babysit Ronald
  • Ronald Gets Grounded for Life
  • Ronald and Miley Lie to the Principal
  • Ronald Makes A Storm
  • Ronald Disrespects Google+'s Funeral
  • Ronald Ruins Ella's Birthday
  • Ronald Gives Ella a Concussion Time/Grounded/Punishment Day
  • Ronald Misbehaves on the Way to TSLOP 2
  • Ronald Crashes the Car into the K9.5 Gang's House/Grounded/Punishment Day by K9.5
  • Ronald and Miley Destroy and Ruin Gershwyn's Birthday/Grounded BIG TIME
  • Ronald Kills Nature Cat and His Friends/Punishment Day by Ella and Gershwyn
  • Ronald Witnesses the Strength of Street Knowledge
  • Ronald Shuts Down the City's Electricity System/Grounded/Arrested Again
  • Ronald and Miley Rant on K9.5/Grounded and Roadhoused
  • Ronald Destroys Ella and Gershwyn's Convertible/Grounded/Concussion Time
  • Ronald Blasts Ram Ranch On the World's Loudest Speaker

RGG on Brian Coukis

Brian has made vlogs on several episodes from Ronald Gets Grounded (especially Seasons 4 and 5) that feature the K9.5 gang on his terminated YouTube channel Brian Coukis The 90s Kid. Here is a partial list of some of the vlogs he made:

  • Me singing What You Can Dream from K9.5 and blog about Pip Pip's new Ronald videos featuring K9.5 (November 26, 2018)
  • Ronald becomes huge blog (December 25, 2018)
  • The K9.5 gang babysits Ronald and What You Can Dream song heard in Miley video (December 26, 2018)
  • Ronald ruins Ella and Gershwyn's Recital and the K9.5 Gang's cameo in the Sit-On Party video (January 25, 2019)
  • Ronald crashes the car into the K9.5 Gang's House/Grounded/Punishment Day blog (June 2019)