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Riff (born James Harrison Richards III) is one of the main characters in K9.5. He serves as the lead guitarist.

Character Bio

Extremely enthusiastic and energetic, Riff is the lead guitarist for K9.5. Born in Collierado, Riff grew up at the foot of a mammoth, snow-covered mountain range. Riff could ski and ice skate at the age of three, and he started mountain biking when he was four.

Riff got his first guitar as a present for his eighth birthday. That day, a giant blizzard struck his town and lasted for an entire week. By the last day of the blizzard, Riff could play along with all the top-ten songs on the radio.

Riff's family moved to Springerfield when he was nine. Riff met Gershwyn at a local music store. They started up a conversation about guitars that has never stopped.


  • "My real name is James Harrison Richards III, but all my friends just call me Riff. I play lead guitar. My guitar, I call it Rover, it's pretty good, but I'm saving up for a new one that's really incredible!"


  • His birthday is on February 8th.