Rebecca Spark is a compulsive liar and a cyberbully, as well as a racist, homophobe, religious bigot, soccermom, abuser, womanchild, ableist, and more. NOTE: These are the facts and only the facts. DO NOT revert. 

You may not remember me, but I'm an admin on the Ready Jet Go wiki AND the Let's Go Luna wiki, both of which you edited on at one point. You said there was an RJG character named Mabel but there's not, and you vandalized the LGL wiki because you hate the show. Well, I have a bone to pick with you. 

You seriously believe that Nature Cat is a reboot of Fred and the Nature Gang, but Fred and the Nature Gang isn't even real and the images are just poorly done drawings in MS Paint.

You're also a huge soccermom as you think that every single show you hate is inappropriate and/or scary, which is false. You probably don't even have kids. You also spread lies and make a bunch of sockpuppet accounts on sites like Common Sense Media and IMDb to spread your malicious slander. For example, you said herethat Sean from Ready Jet Go splits his pants, which is false.

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You're a homophobe as you hate the Clifford reboot for having a character with two moms, an ableist because you hate AJ Gadgets for being attached to his backpack despite the fact that he's autistic, and a religious fanatic as you label anything you don't like Satanic, such as The Hollow.

You're also a two-faced liar, as you have made both positive and negative reviews for shows you like/hate such as Nature Cat, Hero Elementary, Babar, and more.

Not to mention you also harassed Cayden Jones and called him a pest.

You're a huge cyberbully because you sent death threats to a person: [1] [2] You also sent death threats to BoxwoodExpress because she called out Fred and the Nature Gang for being a fake show. That is unacceptable, bully behavior. Her channel was taken down but I downloaded the video where she exposed you and have just taken screenshots of your nasty actions.

Apart from all this, you worship your childhood shows and act like they're God's gifts to the world and treat modern shows like they're worse than Hitler, but they're not.

In conclusion: You're a two-faced liar, a bully, a homophobe, an ableist, a sockpuppeteer, an opinion disrespecter, a nostalgia worshipper, a vandal, and you either need to go to jail for what you did or get off the internet forever until you learn how to be pro-LGBT, pro-disabled people, be honest, stop making sockpuppets, stop making fake shows, stop being a religious soccermom Karen, be kind to others, learn from your mistakes, and stop being nostalgia-blind.

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