This article is a transcript of the animated short film R.I.P Google Plus.

Transcript Edit

Riff: Hey Maxine, I recieved a message from Flora that Google Plus closed!

Maxine: Oh, really!

Riff: Yes! I'm not kidding, check it out!

Maxine: (gasp) I can't believe this!

Maxine: I'm going to the actual website.

Riff: NOOOO!

Maxine: Eeeek! I can't believe that lovely social media site has closed!

Maxine: Just think of all the stuff that's gone!

Maxine: The Notification Widget, Communities, Sending posts to Circles

Riff: Don't forget the K9.5 Fan Club


Maxine: Quick Riff, I have to call the rest of the gang to inform them that Google Plus has closed!

Riff: Here you go!

Maxine: Hi Ella, Hi Gershwyn, Hi Theo!

Ella, Gershwyn, and Theo: Hello Maxine!

Maxine: I want to tell you guys that I have some bad news!

Maxine: I hate to tell you this, but, Google Plus is closed

Ella, Gershwyn, and Theo: WHAT?!?!?!

Gershwyn: You mean that social media site where we could make collections and share our posts to communities?

Maxine: Yes, and it has closed today!

Ella: Well, Pip Pip said that the K9.5 Fanclub on Google Plus will be moved to Discord. So I believe we'll still be around there.

Theo: And you also have Brian's K9.5 Fanclub on DeviantArt too.

Gershwyn: So since Google Plus closed, there are still other places people can find us on social media

Gershwyn: Such as YouTube, Discord, DeviantArt, and Instagram.

Ella: Also, some of Google Plus' features are on various social media sites too. So Google Plus will still be in our hearts.

Maxine: Well, okay, that makes sense.

Maxine: But me and Riff will see you at the cementry to see Google Plus in heaven.

Gershwyn: And I also heard that some of Brian's OCs will be there too, such as Melvin, Fiona, Tanya, Reiss, Marcus, Tiffany, Boris, and Sammy.

Theo: As well as some characters from the Nature Cat 1979 series known as Fred and the Nature Gang

Theo: Such as Nature Cat (known as Fred), Hal, Squeeks, Daisy, James, Emma, Fletcher, Joy, Martin, and Snuffles.

Ella: Don't forget that troublemaker Ronald the Purple Cat. He also gets on our nerves.

Gershwyn: Yeah, I know right. We've got to do something about him.

Gershwyn: Oh and also, Kitty and Skip will be there as well.

Gershwyn: Anyways, we'll meet you there Maxine.

Maxine: Okay, bye!

Ella, Gershwyn, and Theo: Bye!

Maxine: Come on, Riff! Let's visit Google Plus in heaven.

Riff: Right behind ya!

Ella: Well Gershwyn, looks like Google Plus is gone forever.

Gershwyn: At least it's still in our hearts.

(K9.5 members crying)

Kitty: No! Not Google Plus! Google Plus is my prized possession! I don't want to leave it! Eeh!

Skip: I totally agree with you Kitty!

(Kitty and Skip crying)

Melvin: Well Fiona, it looks like our favorite social media site is gone forever.

Fiona: Indeed Melvin, I'm gonna miss it a lot!

(Melvin and Fiona crying)

(Tanya, Boris, Reiss, Marcus, Sophie, Tiffany,and Sammy crying)

Nature Cat: Why did it have to be Google Plus? WHY?!?!?!

Nature Cat: I love that social media site so much!

Hal: Well Nature Cat, I feel the same way about Google Plus as much as you do!

(Nature Cat, Hal, Daisy, and Squeeks crying)

(James and Emma crying)

(Tanya and Jingles crying)

Ronald: Screw this funeral! I'm out of here, Fletcher.

Fletcher: Ronald! Where are you going? Ronald!

Fletcher: Oh, in that case, I'm out of here too!

(Fletcher crying)

(Ronald and Fletcher crying)

Guard Dog: HEY! Get back here, you lunatics!

Guard Dog: That's it! Both of you will be in deep trouble!

Guard Dog: Cats and dogs these days! Sheeesh!

Joy: Google Plus has closed for consumers! WHAT?!?!?!?

Martin: Yes, Joy. One of our favorite social media sites is gone forever.

(Joy, Martin, and Snuffles crying)

Darryl: You know, we really have to create a petition to bring back Google Plus.

Victoria: You got that right Darryl, we can't let this great social media site fade into extinction.

Lance: We're going to miss Google Plus forever!

(Darryl, Victoria, and Lance crying)

Brian: I can't believe Google Plus is gone for consumers! I wish it came back now!

(Brian crying)

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