Orville and Hooch's Punishment Day Title Card

Orville and Hooch's Punishment Day is an upcoming animated short film that will be created and directed by Brian Coukis and set to premiere on Brian Coukis the 90s Kid's YouTube channel sometime in 2019 or 2020. The animated short was loosely based off of Brian Coukis' idea in Pip Pip's video Orville and Hooch Upload a Woohoo Tape/Grounded/Concussion Time (NEW SERIES!), when he tells Orville and Hooch if they are watching that video.

A version with TTS (Text-to-Speech) voices in place of Brian's voice is expected to premiere a little after the original version.

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Orville and Hooch are in deep trouble that they receive a punishment day from the K9.5 members.


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These are the punishments that Orville and Hooch will receive:

  1. Eating hot sauce
  2. Watching all cutscenes from all K9.5 games
  3. Getting soccer balls kicked at them (Soccer squad)
  4. Getting skunk sprayed by Albert the Skunk Cat
  5. Getting pushed off a cliff
  6. Being launched in space

Transcript Edit

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