Naughty Sam is a upcoming short that will be posted sometime in 2019.

Naughty sam

Original video poster where Sam sprays water on an old lady's dress.

Characters Edit

Sam Gutirrez

Mrs. Gutirrez

Synopsis Edit

Sam Gutierrez gets laughed at by his friends that he doesn't have a Chowder Vol 1. DVD, At home, his mother took him to J.C's Pointshop to buy a Chowder Vol 1. DVD but she noticed it was very expensive. However, she found a VHS version of the DVD without any bonus features which only costed $2.00. Sam refused it and starts throwing a huge tantrum at the point shop, causing major chaos and people being scared of him. He then destroyed the whole point shop by knocking things over, breaking stuff, hitting stuff, and constantly burning stuff! His mother was very mad at Sam that she would never take him to the point shop ever again. He gets grounded for life.

Trivia Edit

  • There would've been a full series of Naughty Sam, but it was cancelled due to some of The Nissa Series episodes and this is the only known episode of the series.
  • This short film is related to GoAnimate (now known as "Vyond") grounded videos.
  • Sam made a cameo in the The Nissa Series episode, Where's Nissa?

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