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Nature Cat: Back to the Hammocks Animation Era is an upcoming animated short film that will be created and directed by Brian Coukis and set to premiere on Brian Coukis' YouTube channel sometime in 2022 or 2023. The short film is about Nature Cat and his friends going to the past to the day before Hammocks Animation closed, and is dedicated to Thomas Hammocks, along with his life and his animation legacy Animation.


Nature Cat and his friends go back in time when Hammocks Animation was still around and get to revisit their friends from the following shows: Wally Down Under, Adventures of Benjamin the Magical Train, Lenny the Genius, Five K. Gagnon, Beautiful Times, Southland, Cats and Dogs, and The Animals. However, on the day the company closed, they visit the founder of the company at the animation studio Thomas Hammocks, who explains why he had to close Hammocks Animation.


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Cast (Characters Featured)

From "Nature Cat/Fred and the Nature Gang"

From "Wally Down Under"

  • Wally Kangaroo
  • Riba Kangaroo
  • Didi Koala
  • Edward Wombat
  • Flynn Marsupial
  • Charlie Platypus
  • Cooper Wallaby
  • Matilda Shepherd
  • Felix Dingo

From "Benjamin the Magical Train"

  • Benjamin Train
  • Joxel

From "Lenny the Genius"

  • Lenny "Watson" Genius
  • Don
  • Jason
  • Shawn
  • Stella
  • Sydney
  • Wendy
  • Jimmy the Food Catering Dog
  • Stephanie the Postwoman Chicken

From Five K. Gagnon

From "The Animals", "Southland", and "Beautiful Times"

  • Most cast members until 1996.

From "Cats and Dogs"

  • Andrew
  • Lilly
  • Charlie (owner of Andrew)
  • Patrick (owner of Lilly)

From "Schaustz Animation"

  • Timmy the Fox
  • Betty the Badger
  • Fivey the Smart Mouse


  • Thomas Hammocks
  • Amber Hammocks
  • Byron Hammocks
  • Melanie Hammocks
  • Brian Coukis

Shows featured

  • Fred and the Nature Gang
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Five K. Gagnon
  • Wally Down Under
  • Beautiful Times
  • Southland
  • The Animals
  • Lenny the Genius


  • Too Much Too Little - Sidney Iverson