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Kody J. Dendan is the 2nd current member of The Rodfellows. He also adores a child puppy dog named "Widenar" and also adores a teenage koala "Naomi". He also likes to hug and snug Widenar and Naomi too. The worse part is, he has to deal with a current Data Crew raccoon named "Grayson McCormikk".


  • Kody has been adoring Widenar since he (yes, of course, Widenar) has admired him the higher level. (That includes Naomi)
  • He has an addiction to pizza alongside other foods such as chicken tenders & crisps, french fries and chicken burgers. Funny enough, he also eats healthy food such as apples, alongside other foods that don't have fat.
  • He got overly offended after Grayson called Kody some name which crossed the line.
  • He hates Grayson very much
  • He helps Finto keep The Rodfellows going properly, so that's what led him to being a partner of him (Finto, of course.)
  • Him and Grayson constantly start fights.
  • In his later appearances, his tie now has yellow stripes on it.


Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Loves: Leather, Cheetos, Naomi, Widenar

Hates: Grayson, Hava, being called names like "Hitler" and "Francis look-alike ass"

Relatives: Kristine (Spouse), Naomi (Step Daughter)

Favorite season: Winter

Voiced by: Ivona Joey (2017–2018), Dan P. Lyons (2018–2019), Matt Crowley (2019–present)