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K9.5 Rebooted Series (AKA All-New K9.5 in Asia and The Animal Friends) is to be an upcoming reboot of the original K9.5 Game series, starring the characters from Ella, Gershwyn, Maxine, Riff, and Theo. And the deuteragonists and cameos such as Nature Cat, Gwendolyn, Hal, Squeeks, and Daisy. And the tritagonists, Banjo, Brinley, and Tundra.

Cast Members

  • Ella: (Tracey Moore, and sometimes Shannon Chan-Keni (in Original dub), and Catherine Taber (in Caucasian and Canadian version)
  • Gershwyn: (Scott Menville (in Original dub), and Kevin Schon (in Caucasian and Canadian version)
  • Maxine:
  • Riff:
  • Theo:
  • Kitty: (Kelly Sheridan (in Original dub), and Leigh Allyn Baker (in Caucasian and Canadian version)
  • Skip: (James Corlett (in Original dub) and Billy West (in Caucasian and Canadian version ever since voices Bashful from The 7D)
  • Banjo: (Matthew Lintz in Original dub) and (Colin Dean, later Asher Bishop in Caucasian dub)
  • Abigail Woodley (Sophia Miller in Original dub) and (Cristina Pucelli in Caucasian dub, ever since voices Luan from The Loud House)


Season 1

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 21: Leader For a Day: After Nature Cat has gotten into a really dreadful accident by falling down the stairs, Hal takes cover to take Ronald

Episode 30: Merrily We Go Round!: After a merry-go-round ride, Riff wants to ride on it again. So Gershwyn Ella, Nature Cat, their friends, even Banjo, Crazy-Legs and the rest sneak into the fair at night.

Episode 36: Hal's Job: Ella and Gershwyn hire Hal to the music making store, making him smart,

Episode 44: Little Mouse Lost in the Woods (February 6th 2020): After Squeeks was mocked for being too short all the time, she was ended up in the river surrounded by crocodiles, Hal then realized that she needed his help and

Season 2

Episode 1: Crazy-Legs Takes a Break (March 10th 2020): After Crazy-Legs has a really painful accident, Nature Cat and Hal are in charge with Banjo, Brinley and Tundra while Crazy Legs is recovering.

Episode 12 An Exchange of Members (June 10th 2020): After she and Ms. Brenner argue big time, Squeeks was kicked out

Season 3

Episode 1: The Snake Rescue (September 20th 2020):

Episode 2: Theo Takes Charge (September 21st 2020): After Ella has a really painful accident, Theo decides to help Gershwyn, Maxine and Riff work up a new concert while Ella is in hospital.

Episode 3: Riff's Been Sick! (September 22nd 2020): Ella asks Riff to put some cooking apples away for her, but he decides to eat one, he starts to feel very ill and is eventually sick; Maxine and Gershwyn don’t seem sympathetic but nurse Theo is.

Episode 4: Ronald and the Scary House (October 11th 2020): During a trip to the ghostly mansion, Ronald decides to take the animal friends gang inside. But the only problem is that Hal is scared of the mansion, so Nature Cat decides to prove that it is the only way to be brave at the trip.

Episode 5

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25:

Episode 26:

Episode 27:

Episode 28:

Episode 29:

Episode 30: Hal Gets Fired! (March 20th 2021): After messing up big time, Hal is fired by Ronald. But when he tries so many house jobs for the animal friends gang, nothing works very well. So it is up to Nature Cat, Gwendolyn, Squeeks and Daisy to call the K95 Gang to help Hal find his old job back.

Season 4

Episode 1: Blinded! (April 30th 2021): Gershwyn has been feeling rather dizzy and even blind,

Episode 2: Friend Loss (May 5th 2021): Upset by Ronald's hurtful remarks,

Episode 3: A Whole Weakness! (May 8th 2021):

Episode 4: Menacing Mike (May 15th 2021):

Episode 5: Hal's Sickly Nerves (May 18th 2021): After Hal's nerves act up big time,

Episode 6: The Journey's Map (May 22nd 2021): After finding out that the old fashioned pirate needed help finding the treasure, Banjo and Brinley decide to help Nature Cat and Hal find the treasure that they need, but the only problem is that Nature Cat is feeling too seasick to even do anything.

Episode 7: Hal's Great Heartbreak (May 25th 2021): When Hal is depressed after thinking Hayley has gone away, Banjo, Brinely, and Tundra agree to help him get her back and fix his heart back together.

Episode 8: A Giant Chicken in the House (May 30th 2021): The angry chicken who had his feelings hurt by Hal, is back for revenge!

Episode 9: Mike's Revenge (June 10th 2021):

Episode 10: Strong-Willed (June 20th 2021):

Episode 11: Hal's Wonderful Life (July 1st 2021): After making a huge mess by accidentally breaking the friendship statue for friendship week, Nature Cat scolds Hal very harshly

Episode 12: Runaway Daisy (July 4th 2021):

Episode 13: To Chain or Not to Chain? (July 8th 2021):

Episode 14: Attack of the Giggles! (July 10th 2021): Ronald has special laughing powder, and decides to catch it on Hal. Meanwhile,

Episode 15: We're Locked, Oh No! (July 13th 2021):

Episode 16: The Most Sensitive Canine (July 14th 2021):

Episode 17: Green Around the Gusts (July 21st 2021): After he unknowingly and accidenally touched some poisonous flowers at the flower show, Hal is very sick and couldn't play outside today. Riff, Theo and Maxine are heard from Squeeks and Daisy, they don't even understand why he's ill, so it is up to them

Episode 18: Lost All Around

Episode 19: The Llama Girls

Episode 20: Left Out! : Hal is upset because as told by Fletcher,

Episode 21:

Episodes 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25: What's Making Hal Uncomfortable? (July 29th 2021): Hal has been going through too much stress lately, because he was having another anxiety problem, because he was told by Fletcher that

Episode 26:

Episode 27:

Episode 28: Full Metal Gwendolyn (August 13th 2021):

Episode 29:

Episode 30: Sincerely Yours, Brinley (August 20th 2021):

Episode 31: Brain Chained! (August 23rd 2021): After Daisy's intelligence grow big time

Episode 32: Stuck in the Unknown (September 2nd 2021):

Episode 33: The Fifth Wheel (September 3rd 2021): Hal, and his best K9.5 friends, Maxine, Riff, and Theo are

Episode 34: Is There a Ghost in the House? (September 9th 2021):

Episode 35: The Black Princess (September 12th 2021): After being sent to the creators of the Fairy Tales' house, both Maxine and Daisy were trapped and they needed their friends to get them out before some strangers who own the house would try and steal them.

Episode 36: Ghost Haunted! (September 17th 2021): Mike has to go with Nature Cat and Hal

Episode 37: The Great Furling Rescue (September 24th 2021): Abigail, Edgar, and Russell must help Squeeks feel better when

Episode 38: Hal the Hippie (September 25th 2021):

Episode 39: Lost in the Scary Mansion (September 26th 2021):

Episode 40: (FINALE) Is There a Flu in the Animal Friends' Group (September 29th 2021):

Season 5

Episode 1: (PREMIERE) The Sixth Ranger (October 2nd 2021):

Episode 2: Something's Haunting Dapplewood! (October 5th 2021):

Episode 3: Another Terrible Dream (October 6th 2021):

Episode 4: Hayley Gets Captured by Ghosts:(October 8th 2021):

Episode 5: Vampire Dogs (October 9th 2021):

Episode 6: Hal Falls Apart (October 11th 2021): Hal has been through too much stress lately, and his friends could not understand why; they probably think he has a panic attack or even an eating disorder, so Nature Cat has to do something to make him feel better.

Episode 7: Return of the Scary House! (October 13th 2021): After the K9.5 Gang think that there are vampires and banshees in the city, Nature Cat and his friends stop by to a

Episode 8: Volcano Love (October 15th 2021): The K9.5 Gang must help Nature Cat, his friends, and even Banjo, Brinley, and Tundra when

Episode 9: The Secret Maze of Doom! (October 18th 2021): After Nature Cat, Hal, and Ronald ended up in the scary maze, they sneak out to escape, but everything went disastrous when

Episode 10: Demonic Daisy, Hidden Maxine (October 22nd 2021):

Episode 11: License to Real (October 23rd 2021): After Hal joins in the vice club at Fletcher's despite Nature Cat's warning,

Episode 12: Hallow's Eve Special (October 31st 2021):

Episode 13: Locked in the Shed! (November 4th 2021): When Nature Cat, Hal, and Squeeks get some things for Daisy's garden fashion, they get trapped in the shed by Ronald and Miley while they capture Daisy somewhere in the basement. Gwendolyn, Banjo, Brinley, Crazy-Legs, Ella, Gershwyn, and the others have to get them out and save her before it's too late.

Episode 14: Maxine's Magic (November 7th 2021):

Episode 15: Stuck in the Hole (November 10th 2021):

Episode 16: Pickalicious (November 11th 2021): While everyone knows that Maxine loves pink, the female bullies don't agree as they are all wearing purple, and making fun of her for loving pink. So Squeeks and Daisy have to help Maxine feel better as a result, until Maxine learns that pink can be a powerful colour and that the most important thing is to be yourself.

Episode 17: Banjo's Big Job (November 18th 2021): Banjo, Brinley, Tundra, and the gang must help Crazy-Legs take care of the farm while some owner of it are away.

Episode 18: Magical Bird Power (November 23th 2021):

Episode 19: Mermaid Magic (November 25th 2021): Nature Cat and his friends meet a mermaid named Coral, and with the help of Maxine, they return the lost mirror to Coral. And eventually,

Episode 20: Dance on Ice (December 4th 2021): Maxine wants to attend

Episode 21: Lost in the Snowstorm (December 8th 2021):

Episode 22: Mirrorless (December 9th 2021):

Episode 23: Back to the Past (December 11th 2021):

Episode 24: Daisy and the Dove (December 14th 2021):

Episode 25: Deck the Halls (December 25th 2021):

Episode 26: Sailor Crew (December 28th 2021): Tired of his friends' incomplence of how to be smart, Hal and the others are swept away with power when he becomes the captain of the cruise ship, trying to make himself smarter, but only to boss his friends around. But it backfired when they

Episode 27: Separation Anxiety (December 31st 2022):

Episode 28: Army of Miley (January 2nd 2022): Miley is baffled when she is forced to be in an army full of insects until she became an army leader and

Episode 29: The Forest Curse! (January 4th 2022): After Nature Cat, Squeeks, Hal and Daisy find themsleves lost in the forest after Ronald switches them from their home so he can hang out with Miley. Meanwhile, they found a mysterious haunted mansion and

Epsiode 30: Stuck in the Elevator (January 6th 2022): When Hal, Squeeks, and Daisy try to get some things from the mall for Nature Cat and Gwendolyn after a big deal with Ella and Gershwyn, they get trapped in the very long elevator caused by Miley, Maxine, Riff and Theo have to get them out.

Episode 31: Pipeline Adventure (January 8th 2022): Nature Cat and his friends have got lost big time, because they accidentally drove into and melees pipeline; the K9.5 at first must stop

Episode 32: Trapped in the House (January 10th 2022): After Ronald and Miley set up traps in the Nature Center, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Hal, and Daisy have to find a way to survive the traps and also carefully

Episode 33 (SPECIAL): Battle of the K9.5 Showdown (January 21st 2022):

Episode 34: Hal, I Shrunk Your Friends! (January 28th 2022): After Nature Cat, Squeeks, and Daisy accidentally mess with the shrinking machine, they soon find themselves being shrunken and been exploring Hal's body, the three manage to work their way out of him when he barfs them up and the machine's effects on them wear off.

Episode 35: The Trouble with Relationships (February 1st 2022):

Episode 36: Magic Shoes, Magic Shoes (February 3rd 2022): Squeeks gets a lovely pair of shoes after finding some treasure stolen by Miley, Orville and Hooch; but when she accidentally spoils them with dirt and everything, she decides to make up lies for doing so. But eventually, she must learn from her mistakes and tell the truth when the past she finds out on the shoes ability proves to be no use.

Episode 37: For Those Who Loved Hal (February 5th 2022):

Episode 38: Rose Day (February 7th 2022):

Episode 39: Lovey Dovey (February 10th 2022): Hal finds some albino crows and names one of them "Dovey". When he accidentally knocked him over with a stick, causing it to die temporarily, Hal feels very distraught to the point that he is eventually depressed; Ronald isn't very sympathetic but Theo is and decides to give Hal's deceased friend a proper funeral so he and the rest of his friends can say goodbye.

Episode 40: Be My Heart (February 14th 2022):

Episode 41: Super Adventure (February 16th 2022):

Episode 42: All in Vein (February 18th 2022): Hal becomes traumatized when

Episode 43: Maxine Makes a Mistake! (February 20th 2022):

Episode 44: Truth Unfolded!: (Part 1) (February 28th 2022):

Episode 45 (FINALE): Truth Unfolded (Part 2) (February 28th 2022):

Season 6

Episode 1 (PREMIERE): New Friends in the Town (March 1st 2022):

Episode 2: Scared of the Dark (March 4th 2022): While Nature, Hal, and Mike are in charge with Banjo, Brinley and Tundra, Brinely develops a scared feeling when she sees a shadow beside the wall at night.

Episode 3: Four Mood Swinger Ensemble (March 7th 2022): Nature Cat, Hal, Ronald and Milke all end up having

Episode 4: The Ultimate Dare (March 13th 2022):

Episode 5: Sickly Green (March 17th 2022):

Episode 6: Locked In Lone (March 19th 2022):

Episode 7: Nature Love (March 22nd 2022): After Spring draws near, Nature Cat and his friends devide

Episode 8: Spring Clean Strength (March 24th 2022):

Episode 9: Trapped In A Tree! (March 26th 2022):

Episode 10: Return of Olivia Larson! (March 31st 2022): After Olivia returns for revenge, she attempts to abduct Daisy only for Mike to get falsely arrested for this. Meanwhile, Nature Cat, Hal and Squeeks are distraught

Episode 11: Switching Places (April 7th 2022): Disaster strikes when Nature Cat and Hal switch bodies and now

Episode 12: Nature Cat's Problems (April 11th 2022): Poor Nature Cat is in a very grumpy mood because his friends did all the mistakes, so they have to find a way to cheer him up. By the time they tried, Nature Cat is happy again!

Episode 13: Ella and Gershwyn's Fantastic House Hunt (April 17th 2022):

Episode 14: The Great Forest of Doom! (April 20th 2022):

Episode 15: Mood Ring Mania (April 21st 2022): Hal receives a very special mood ring from outer space where moonrocks fell last night and discovers that it can change colors depending on his emotions.

Episode 16: What On Earth? (April 22nd 2022):

Episode 17: The Friendship Curse (May 6th 2022):

Episode 18: Ronald's Clubhouse Chaos (May 8th 2022):

Episode 19: The K9.5 Gang's Nightmare (May 11th 2022):

Episode 20: Nerve-Wracking (May 12th 2022): Squeeks has a bad day because she can't tie a knot. She gets into a nervous meltdown while being stressed out, Theo comes in and calms her down, and helps her go to sleep and dreams of being Mousy Girl saving the day once again.

Episode 21: Arrested! (May 13th 2022, Friday The 13th special): After a

Episode 22: Three Days At Devil's (May 18th 2022):

Episode 23: Ella and Gershwyn and the Two Time Spirit (May 21st 2022): Gershwyn plans a break-in at a high class singing completion so their friends can play on it. Hal tries to get past the

Episode 24: The Animal Foes (May 24th 2022): Miley strikes again big time and is preparing to exact her revenge on the K9.5 gang and the nature gang by making many copies of their evil clones, only for them to blame one after the other.

Episode 25: Demon Dogs (May 27th 2022):

Episode 26: The Great Dog Investigator (May 29th 2022):

Episode 27: The Music Box of Doom (June 2nd 2022):

Episode 28: Devil Beats (June 3rd 2022):

Episode 29: The Egyptian Cobra's Bite (June 6th 2022): A devilish cobra named Azzurra has been sent by Miley to bite Hal, her poisonous hypnosis made him look like he’s caught the coronavirus and now

Episode 30: The Great Friendship Bracelet Curse (June 7th 2022): Picking up where we left off, while Hal is still recovering, Azzurra creates a cursed friendship bracelet that only cats and dogs can wear to recover to give curses to whoever stopped the plan, from spreading Hal's illness to getting others possessed, now only Nature Cat must resist the bracelet's curse and put it on Hal's wrist so he can recover completely before whoever knows what happens.

Episode 31: The K9.5 Rangers (June 9th 2022):

Episode 32: Nature Cat's Mood Ring (June 11th 2022):

Episode 33: Night Walking (June 14th 2022):

Episode 34: Prisoners! (June 15th 2022):

Episode 35: Sincerely, Not Yours (June 16th 2022):

Episode 36: The Scary Logos Nightmare (June 20th 2022):

Episode 37: Nature Cat's Quest (June 21st 2022):

Episode 38: An A-maze-ing Day (June 23rd 2022):

Episode 39: Bear Warrior (June 24th 2022):

Episode 40 (FINALE): Friendship Awakens! (June 30th 2022):