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K9.5 is a video game series created by the San Diego-based company, Lightspan, Inc. (also known as Lightspan Adventures. The series consists of five games, Live in Airedale, We Are the Dogs!, WebTunes, The Tail-Wag Tour, and The Howlywood Premiere.

The game's popularity led to an expanded franchise consisting of a television series airing on Disney Channel from September 18, 1998 to February 28, 2003, followed by a feature film released on December 2, 2005. The promotion of the film lead to a revival of the television series, airing from September 16, 2005 to April 25, 2014.

K9.5 on Brian Coukis

The group shot as seen at the end of the intro cutscene to The Howlywood Premiere. "LET'S GO!!"

Brian Coukis The 90s Kid, along with Brian's other channel have uploaded numerous clips from the K9.5 games, such as all cutscenes compilations, the We Are the Dogs song from K9.5: Live in Airedale, as well as Gershwyn's famous quote, some of the Lightspan Teacher Guides, most of the intros from K9.5: The Howlywood Premiere, and even the soundtrack from all the K9.5 games.

He also finds rare K9.5 footage such as the obscure Flash animations for the Lightspan online games by Rosemary Horvath.

Brian plans to make a higher quality video of the cutscenes, which are all extracted from the jPSXdec program instead of filming the majority of them with his phone. The higher quality version will include some of cutscenes that weren't in the original video such as the 3D effects clips and the live-action video footage from K9.5: The Howlywood Premiere, and even the background changes from the syllable break segments from the Forest levels in K9.5: Live in Airedale. He also plans to make the animated movie opening for the K9.5 film, but unfortunately the project files for the movie opening are on his broken EMTEC Wallpaper Blue flash drive, so the movie opening will be delayed. The opening to the K9.5 film is based on the 1992 film Reservoir Dogs. Brian also plans to get the K9.5 members, as well as Kitty and Skip as plush dolls (aka Budsies) soon.

He also makes blogs about K9.5 as well as a lot of artwork that he posted to several social media sites such as Instagram, Google Plus, and DeviantArt. He also has a K9.5 Fan Club on DeviantArt.

Brian announced that the members of K9.5 (Ella, Gershwyn, Maxine, Riff, and Theo) will be featured in this animated short film Brian will be making called R.I.P Google Plus. The short film is about Google Plus' end of life on April 2, 2019. They will also be featured in 3 other short films Orville and Hooch's Punishment Day, where they give Orville and Hooch a punishment day after they made a woohoo tape out of Ella and Gershwyn, K9.5: I Will Love You In This Storm, where Ella and Gershwyn are stuck at a diner during a storm, and Goodbye to Flash Player, where they, along with many other characters find out that Adobe Flash player is getting discontinued.

According to Brian's drawing of the group shot from K9.5: The Howlywood Premiere on Instagram, K9.5 is his favorite game series by Lightspan.

Brian also often refers K9.5 as the best cartoon rock band/dogs ever.

K9.5 on Pip Pip

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