Joy the Poodle

Joy is a character who appears in the Nature Cat 1979-1994 series known as Fred and the Nature Gang.

She is a smart, bright, and elegant poodle who tries to solve everything. She is known to be a good chef as seen in the episode "The Sleepy One", when Nature Cat and his friends help Joy make Nature Donuts for Martin to make him feel more active.

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Joy is a pink poodle with pink spots, a pink nose, and freckles.

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  • She appears as a background character in the 2015 series Nature Cat, especially in the episode The Treasure of bad Dog Bart, during the crying part, as well as the part she, along with Martin and Snuffles, get mad at Bad Dog Bart, as well as the part of where Bad Dog Bart swipes her toy.
  • When Brian created the promotional art for Joy, he forgot to add her tail.
  • When Brian was testing voices for her and Martin in the Tanya from Nature Cat as a Plush Doll video, he said "Hello there, I'm Joe!" instead of "Hello there, I'm Joy!".

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