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Horace and Thorben: The Polar Bear Adventurers is an upcoming animated short film that will be created and directed by Brian Coukis and set to premiere on Brian Coukis' YouTube channel sometime in 2020. The short film is about 2 polar bears who go on various adventures together.

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2 anthropomorphic polar bears named Horace and his son Thorben spend the whole day going on adventures together. But by the end of the day, they become really tired and their mother Doris wonders where they have been.


On a nice morning in the Arctic, Thorben wakes up and says that today's a wonderful day. He still sees his father Horace asleep. He then tells the viewers that he will wake him up. After that, he yells "WAKE UP, HORACE!!" causing him to jump up and land on the floor. He later realizes that him and Thorben are going on an adventure today. He gets out a map he made of all the places they want to go: the beach, the lake, the mountains and the sky.

They then head over to the beach, where Thorben is building a sandcastle and Horace is surfing the waves. When Thorben warns him that a big wave is coming, he gets a wipeout and the big wave ruins Thorben's sandcastle. Horace tries to reassure Thorben about his sandcastle, and he felt better. After that, they find something to drink, which they do when Horace spots a coconut palm tree and they carved 2 coconuts to drink out of and they sat back and relaxed, watching the waves.

At the lake, Horace is catching fish, but when he tries to reel in a big one, it goes in the air and lands on Thorben's head, while he is just about to get a fishing hook and start fishing. He then holds up a sign saying "Ow! That's hurts!". Horace and Thorben see all the fish they caught. After that, they start feeling hungry, so they cooked and ate the fish. In the mountains, they dared to climb all the way up to the top of Mount Collapstum. Horace eventually gets tired because it was a long way up, but him and Thorben finally made it. They saw the view from the mountain and Thorben could see the beach from here. They then sat down to rest, which caused the mountain to collapse, hence its name. Horace informs the audience to tell them that's why it's called Mount Collapstum.

At the park, they go hang gliding, but Thorben says that he's scared and has never gone hang gliding before. Horace tries to reassure him once again and he became relieved. So they started hang gliding, as they were flying over buildings, houses and many other things. The 2 polar bears began to lose gravity and crash into a tree, which affected a beehive. They ran away from the bees, hoping that they don't get stung, but when they hide in the bushes, he bees continue to move straight and Horace and Thorben have officially saved themselves from the bees.

At the end of the day and back at the Arctic, they get tired and they couldn't believe what an adventurous day they had. But then, Thorben's mother Doris comes in the bedroom and asks them where they were all day. Thorben tells her it's a long story. And so, Doris says goodnight to Horace and Thorben and the 2 polar bears went to sleep and when they woke up, they would be ready for their next adventures.

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  • Horace will make a cameo appearance as the ticket taker in the Scary Logos Theater 2019 animation The Viacom V of Doom Scares Everyone!.
  • The short was originally going to be called Polar and Son Adventures.
  • A 13-episode animated series based on the short is currently in development.
  • This is the third production by Brian Coukis that will feature different voice actors, after The Amazing Gang and Backpack Trouble.
  • The opening theme was originally going to have lyrics as shown as in the credits video. However, since royalty-free production music compositions can't be sung over, Brian eventually ruled this out, as shown in the pinned comment of said video, which says "I've now decided that I won't be adding lyrics to the opening intro for the short, which means it's going to be instrumental. So the "Theme Song Lyrics" part is going to removed in the credits when the actual short film premieres."