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Hal is a dog from Nature Cat and Fred and the Nature Gang.

In the 2015 series, Hal is an overly curious, rambunctious, lovable dog. Some might think he’s not the smartest canine around, but he always comes up with the simplest solution to a problem. You might even call him a genius! He is so loyal to Nature Cat and the gang that he will do anything for them.

In Hammocks Animation's show Fred and the Nature Gang, Hal is a slobbery dog who is overly obsessed with food. When he sees any food, he screams "FOOD!!!" and goes and gobbles it up. If he eats something he did not like he coughs and says it was not yummy. He also has a best friend named Charlie who helps him when he is causing trouble around the house. He is also in love with a pink dog named Hayley who is his true love and they kiss each other. He also gets mad at Sir Higgins sometimes and calls him a weakling hamster. He also likes meeting new animals, unless if it's a huge, scary looking animal like a angry bear or a wolf.

In Fred and the Nature Gang he is voiced by Joe Pantoliano.