The Return of the Gopher is a 1988 movie that aired shortly after Nature Cat's Adventure in Toyland. The specials started a month after the premiere of The Return of the Gopher.


The evil gopher from the episode Gopher Gopher returns and causes trouble. Mowser and Rosebud return, too, and tell Fred and his friends that an evil monster attacked them. The gang go and try to find the monster. The gang also meet a new friend Watson who is annoying at first but turns out to be very smart. Then, all the dogs push Sir Higgins down a hole. Sir Higgins then gets caught in a trap. Squeaks rescues Sir Higgins. The whole gang sees a burning house and then goes inside. Hal saves an unknown dog and the dog hurt her paw, so she goes to the hospital. Then, the monster appears and attacks them. Nature Cat saves the day and then they find out it was a trick! The gopher gets pushed off a cliff and dies off-screen. Then, the gang check on the unknown dog who hurt her paw, and she is OK. The movie ends as the gang walk back home.

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