Fiona the Dogcoon
Fiona is a character that Brian made. She is known to be best friends with Melvin. She will also be one of the main protagonists of Brian's upcoming series The Amazing Gang.

She also appears in Pip Pip's Ronald Gets Grounded series, starting with the episode "Ronald and Miley Destroy and Ruin Gershwyn's Birthday/Grounded BIG TIME", which is the last episode of Season 5.

She will be voiced by Juli DePallo.

Appearance Edit

Fiona is a beige half dog and half raccoon who has a gray nose, a raccoon mask over her eyes, dark blue hands, and a raccoon tail with gray stripes. She wears a lavender sweater with violet lines and a yellow F on her sweater.

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Trivia Edit

  • Fiona got her nickname as the "dogcoon", because as mentioned above, she is half dog and half raccoon.
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