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Ella is one of the main characters in the PlayStation video game series K9.5 by Lightspan Adventures. She is the co-founder of K9.5 along with Gershwyn, as well as the keyboardist.

Character Bio

Ella is down-to-earth, detail-oriented, and downright organized. As the group's manager, Ella books all of the band's concert appearances and arranges their recording contracts. Ella grew up in Springerfield, where she became an accomplished pianist at a very young age. Ella was drawn to the energy and beauty of classical music. When she wasn't playing the piano, Ella could be found down at the recreation center playing basketball with her friends. Late one day in July, Ella's best friend, Gershwyn, came over with his guitar. He begged Ella to help him finish a song he was writing. It just didn't sound right without a piano. Together, they wrote a beautiful song about dreams and decided to form a band to perform it. You know the band as K9.5!


  • "Hi, I'm Ella! I sing, and play the keyboard!"


  • Her birthday is on May 19th.