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Darren A. Nichols (also known as Pip Pip, Pip2010 and RainbowDashFan2010, and his mascot fursona Pipster Cat) is a YouTube user, animator, director, producer, screenwriter, and a close friend of Brian Coukis. He is the creator of his GoAnimate/Vyond series, Ronald Gets Grounded, since 2016. He has a wife named Jill, whom he had since March 2014.

He is also an executive at Harmonic Entertainment (formerly Horizon City Corporation and Fredbear Entertainment Group) and is the co-director and screenwriter of The Rodfellows Movie, in which he voices Tatertot and Zayden. He also formed the Lyons/Mortensen/Nichols/Bourne partnership with Dan P. Lyons, Alexander Mortensen, and Marshall Bourne.



  • Ronald Gets Grounded (2016–2020) - Creator and head writer
  • Tina's World (2019–2020) - Creator and head writer
  • The Rodfellows: Back Again! (2020–present) - Head writer; season 2-onward, voice of Anna, Akihiro, Tatertot, Zayden
  • Arctic Blast (TBA 2021) - Head writer


  • H.B.'s Relaxation (2020) - Director and producer
  • Life of Danny Cat (2021) - Producer and writer, voice of Pipster Cat and Tatertot


  • Banjo the Woodpile Cat Fan Film (2019) - Director and screenwriter
  • The Rodfellows Movie (2020) - Co-director with Dan P. Lyons, screenwriter, voice of Tatertot, Zayden, and himself
  • Armada (2021) - Co-director with Tanner Goethals, voice of Zack Lightman
  • Yoyo & Doc Croc: The Movie (2023) - Producer, voice of Haden
  • The Katnapping (2023) - Director and screenwriter