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Dance Along with the Snorks is a parody of The Snorks seasons 3-4 theme song called Come Along with the Snorks. Since there was no instrumental version of the song, Brian just used the version in the closing credits. According to Brian, it is a spinoff to Brian Dances.


Every line is made by Brian, except for the line "Sing along with the Snorks"

Dance along with the Snorks

Sing along with the Snorks

It's so much fun you can do it too!

Dance along with the Snorks!

Don't be afraid to act it out

You'll be a star

The Snorks just love being your friend

Dance along, Sing along, Act along tooooo!




  • Dance Along with the Snorks was originally the nickname of a video of Brian Dances, where he dances to The Snorks season 1 ending song.
  • In the video, when Brian mentioned some TV show theme songs that the Television Tunes website had, all of them were Hanna-Barbera cartoons.



Dance Along with the Snorks song by Brian