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Daniel Paul Lyons (also known as Danny the Irrefutable and by his company name DLE and his fursona mascot Danny Cat) (born August 18, 2000) is an American writer, director, producer, voice actor, animator, and showrunner. He is best known as the creator of his long running hit animated series The Rodfellows, as well as his remakes of the 1999 Weston Woods animated adaptation of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. His partners include Alexander Mortensen since 2018 and Darren A. Nichols and Marshall Bourne since 2020.

Characters he's voiced in The Rodfellows include Finto, Alice, Widenar, Finniette, Ruthie, Kristine, and Mr. M.

He will also provide the voice of Reiss and Marcus in Brian Coukis' upcoming series The Amazing Gang.


Beginning of his YouTube channel

Daniel Lyons founded his production company on September 19, 2013, under the name Story Choice. Later on April 9, 2014, he began his YouTube Channel. During this time, he animated his stuff using MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. On February 6, 2015, Daniel renamed his production company to Daniel Lyons Entertainment.

The Rodfellows

The Rodfellows are one of Daniel's most notable series. It was formed on March 17, 2014. The series consists of a group of anthropomorphic animals as they try to solve any sort of problems affecting their friends. The first series, The Rodfellows 2014 first premiered on April 9, 2014, which was also Lyons' first video on his channel. Since then, there have been several other series and movies based on them. Up until recently, he used text to speech voices to voice the characters in the show, but later replaced the voices with modified versions of his own voice. In later years, more voice actors stepped in to voice some of the characters.