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Welcome to the Brian Coukis Wiki!

The founder of this Wiki, Brian Coukis.

This is info about Brian Coukis (the founder of the channel) who is 19 years old and loves K9.5, Nature Cat, Windows XP, Jimmy Neutron, the 90's, etc. He also likes many cartoons, especially obscure ones.

It all began when Brian opened up a YouTube channel named cdgngj11 that started on September 8, 2010, but it got terminated on December 1, 2015. On that day, he started another channel of the same name but unfortunately almost no one seemed to appreciate his videos.

On December 31, 2015, he reinstated his account using Gmail and he renamed it to "cdgngj11 (OLD)" but the channel still had 2 copyright strikes. He put all of his terminated YouTube videos on a flash drive and some of them on disks and on the Internet Archive. The copyright strikes were later removed sometime in 2016.

He is currently the creator of "The Amazing Gang", which is an upcoming animated cartoon series about the many adventures of a group of anthropomorphic animal characters, which include Fiona the Dogcoon, Melvin the Fox, Rocco the Master Cat, Albert the Skunk Cat, Sophie the Alligator, Tiffany the Mouse, Marcus the Moose, and Reiss the Bear. It was supposed to premiere on Brian Coukis' YouTube and Vlare channels on May 26, 2020, but it has ever since been rescheduled indefinitely.

Brian was also the creator of another animated show "The Nissa Series", which was about Nissa and her mean friend Sydney Everest. The phrase "Good Kissa" was mentioned in "Mort Meets Sydney" so far. The concept of the series started with this promo he made on MS Paint. It is called "Windows XP Promo by Brian 2001". There were no new episodes since 2016, but Brian plans to revive the series with the episode "Nissa Gets Arrested", which already has a GoAnimate (now known as Vyond) version.

Besides being an animator, he is also a voice actor, as he voices Melvin in The Amazing Gang, as well as many other characters he created, such as Horace from the upcoming animated short film Horace and Thorben: The Polar Bear Adventurers. One of Brian's notable roles in voice acting is Zander from The Rodfellows Movie.

He makes fanmade Windows operating systems like Windows Ancient Edition and Windows Unusable. He is planning to make "Windows Educational Edition" which is an operating system where you have to answer a lot of learning questions in order to perform a task. The host of the OS is a character Brian made named Boris the Fox, who'll also be a minor character in The Amazing Gang and made a brief appearance in the animated short film R.I.P Google Plus.

He is also a vlogger, as he talks about various things in his life or things that interest him. He is also a huge fanatic of K9.5, which is an educational game series by the San-Diego based video game company Lightspan Adventures.

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