Brian Coukis the 90s Kid in Vyond

His Vyond avatar.

Brian Coukis is a 18 year old kid who loves K9.5, the 90's, Nature Cat, Windows XP, Jimmy Neutron, old cartoons, and other things related to that. He is smart, nice, kind, and handsome. He founded his YouTube account cdgngj11 in September 2010. But sometime in 2016, he changed the Peters Murphy Coukis YouTube account into Brian Coukis the 90s Kid, where it remained until its termination in August 2019. He also has an Instagram account called "briancoukisthe90skid" but Brian uploads stuff differently than his channel of the same name.

He also makes animations such as his productions and home video logos, as well as animations featuring K9.5, among others. He is also planning to make an animated web series called The Amazing Gang, which will premiere in May 2020 on YouTube, Vlare, and DeviantArt.

He also provides the voice of Zander in the upcoming 2020 film The Rodfellows Movie.


May 13, 2002


Good ol' 2D animation, VHS Tapes, K9.5, Lightspan Adventures, The Rodfellows, Jimmy Neutron, Windows XP, Collecting rare stuff, Earl the Cat, British cartoons (especially the old ones), Obscure cartoons, Books, Keeping track of his popularity, Nature Cat, Getting attention, getting liked, Nice things from Santa, Yiayia, Risha, Peter, The 90's, Kipper the Dog (especially when he was little), McDonalds, Burger King, Wearing cool clothes, Dunkin Donuts, Dancing, Singing, Reading, plush toys, Good report cards, Old 90's CGI animation


Rude people, Whistling (especially in concerts), Getting leg cramps, Sirens, Stuff that startles him, Asteroids hitting earth, Spam/Scam users, Error messages, Getting caught by Risha, His YouTube account(s) getting terminated/suspended/banned


Brian is smart, kind, handsome, and well-behaved. He occasionally speaks with a Southern accent sometimes, but he mostly speaks more often in his British accent.



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