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His Vyond avatar.

Brian in his cartoon/animated form.

Brian Coukis is a 19 year old kid who loves K9.5, the 90's, Nature Cat, Windows XP, Jimmy Neutron, old cartoons, and other things related to that. He is smart, nice, kind, and handsome. He founded his YouTube account cdgngj11 in September 2010. But sometime in 2016, he changed the Peters Murphy Coukis YouTube account into Brian Coukis the 90s Kid, where it remained until its termination in August 2019. He also has an Instagram account called "briancoukisthe90skid" but Brian uploads stuff differently than his channel of the same name, and a DeviantArt account called briancoukis88169, where he posts art he created.

He also makes animations such as his productions and home video logos, as well as animations featuring K9.5, among others. He is also planning to make an animated web series called The Amazing Gang, which will premiere on YouTube, Vlare, and DeviantArt.

He also provides the voice of Zander in the 2020 film The Rodfellows Movie.


May 13, 2002


Good ol' 2D animation, VHS Tapes, K9.5, Lightspan Adventures, The Rodfellows, Jimmy Neutron, Windows XP, Collecting rare stuff, British cartoons (especially the old ones), Obscure cartoons, Books,,, Music, Space, His iPhone 3GS (the phone he makes videos on), Keeping track of his popularity, Nature Cat, Getting attention, getting liked, Nice things from Santa, Yiayia, Risha, Peter, Kipper the Dog (especially when he was little), McDonalds, Burger King, Wearing cool clothes, Dunkin Donuts, Dancing, Singing, SoundDogs, Reading, plush toys, Scary Logos Theater, Good report cards, Ronald Gets Grounded (especially the episodes featuring K9.5), The Orville and Hooch Series, Old 90's CGI animation, Claw machines, Obscure songs, Making animated short films and series (especially The Amazing Gang), Voice acting, His slogan, Microsoft Paint (which is the art and animation software he currently uses)


Rude people, Bad users (especially trolls), Getting leg cramps, Sirens, Stuff that startles him, Error messages, Getting caught by Risha, His YouTube account(s) getting terminated/suspended/banned, His flash drives breaking (especially the ones that have his projects such as the K9.5 movie opening or the 2019 Scary Logos Theater video), Websites getting pulled down from the Internet (especially his favorite ones)


Brian is smart, kind, handsome, and well-behaved.




  • The Nissa Series (2015-2016)
  • The Amazing Gang (TBA 2021)


  • Carl in Space (TBA)
  • The Good Ol' Days (TBA)
  • Sammy's Shrinking Feeling (TBA)
  • R.I.P Google Plus (TBA 2020)
  • Orville and Hooch's Punishment Day (TBA)
  • The Amazing Gang and the Termination of Brian Coukis The 90s Kid (TBA)
  • Horace and Thorben: The Polar Bear Adventurers (TBA)
  • Nature Cat: Back to the Hammocks Animation Era (TBA)
  • K9.5: I Will Love You In This Storm (TBA)
  • Backpack Trouble (TBA)
  • Tanya V.S. Her 2015 Appearance (TBA)
  • Dance with Wally (TBA)
  • Mars Moose's Cosmic Dance (TBA)
  • Earl's Boogie (TBA 2020)
  • Goodbye to Flash Player (TBA)
  • Sophie's Sleeping Video (TBA 2020)
  • Ball Travel: Blue Ball's Big Journey (TBA 2021)
  • Ella and Gershwyn and the Black Licorice Kids (TBA 2021)
  • The Troublemakers' Christmas (TBA 2021)
  • Untitled short film about bugs (TBA)
  • Untitled Rusty Rat short film (TBA)


  • The Rodfellows Movie (2020) (Voice actor only)
  • The Rodfellows: 6 Year Anniversary Special (Voice actor only)
  • Zander & Zayden's Joyride (2020) (Voice actor only)
  • Why Does It Have to Be Scary Logos? (animated segment on the "Scary Logos Theater 2018 Edition!" video) (2018)
  • The Viacom V of Doom Scares Everyone! (animated segment on the "Scary Logos Theater 2019 Edition!" video) (2021)
  • Ball Travel 3D Playthrough, Part 20 (animated segments on said video) (2020)
  • Nature Cat Getting Dressed (2021)
  • The Amazing Gang: Character Introduction Animations (2019 for Rocco's introduction, TBA for the rest)
  • Melvin Plays Basketball (TBA)
  • Happy 20th Birthday to Pip Pip! (2020) (short animation to celebrate Pip Pip's 20th birthday and the 7th anniversary of Pip Pip Enterprises Inc.)
  • Spyke Barkley: You Killed Teddy, Stupid Boys! (2021) (fan animation of part of The Orville and Hooch Series episode "Orville and Hooch Flip Over the Table", grounded parts removed.)
  • K9.5 - Gershwyn: I'll Get Lunch (2019) (fan animation of the ending of the K9.5: The Tail Wag Tour opening cutscene.)
  • K9.5 - Riff: Riff's Action Movie (2021) (fan animation of Riff's webpage in K9.5: Webtunes.)
  • K9.5 - Maxine: Maxine's Scrapbook (2021) (fan animation of Maxine's webpage in K9.5: Webtunes.)
  • 1,000 Subscribers Dance Video (2022)
  • Nature Cat: The Movie (2022) - Producer


  • "Hi everyone! I'm Brian!"
  • "GOD DANG IT!"
  • "There's a problem."
  • "It's running extremely slow."
  • "I'm making a video!"
  • "I'm going to school!" - I just fooled around with my laptop
  • "NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN! NOT F***ING AGAIN!" (when Opera 7.0 kept crashing) - Opera 7.0 Browser Test (Eh, Sorta)
  • "I'm so forgotful!" (I meant "Forgetful")
  • "Who needs an HDTV when you got this?" - Cable working on a 90s TV!
  • "That was amazing!"
  • "So, yeah!"
  • "K9.5 rocks!"
  • (Referring to K9.5) "Best cartoon rock band ever!"
  • "That's all I got to say for this video and..." (says his closing dialogue).
  • "Brian Coukis' back in the house!"


  • His slogan is "Incontrovertibly Delightful Fun", which is similar to Pip Pip's "Radically Diverting" and DLE's "Irrefutably Entertaining" slogans.


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