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Brian's Colors: The Animated Series was a web series that launched on cdgngj11's YouTube channel on April 20, 2013 and ended on the same day. The series is focused on Brian telling the viewer to find colors.


  1. Shades of Red
  2. Shades of Orange
  3. Shades of Yellow (credited in Episode 2)


  • The series isn't even animated and only consists of title screens and credits without any audio. Also, Brian is never heard or seen at all.
  • The series mostly consists of closing logos as seen in the video thumbnails for the series episodes.
  • The series only lasted for 1 day. THAT'S INSANE!!
    • However, you have to remember that Brian made this when he was 10 years old, which was before he got into animation.
  • In fact, it's so cheap that the first episode already had the answer shown, and the 1st title card was shown before the credits.