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Ball Travel (aka Ball Action) is a mobile puzzle/logic/balance game that was created by Badri Bebua in 2014. The game is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. It consists of 20 levels, plus some bonus ones. The Android version features more levels than the iOS version and even some winter/christmas themed levels. The game also spawned a spin-off called Ball Travel Zero Gravity.

On December 6, 2020, an v1.01 update of the iOS version was released under the name "Ball Travel 3D Retro". Changes included support for the new iOS, additional music tracks, and several design changes such as the joystick, the text, and the background in the level selection screen. Sadly, the app was later removed from the App Store entirely and is currently only available in South Korea, according to TapTap.


Your goal is to guide your ball to the finish by avoiding obstacles and maintaining balance in each level.


You can move the black joystick at the bottom with your finger to move the ball (left, right, up, down), and tap the left and right on the sides to rotate the camera angles. Tapping the magnifying glass at the top left zooms in or zooms out of the game.

Ball Travel on Brian Coukis

Brian did an app review of the game on his cdgngj11 YouTube channel on February 11, 2015, as well an image compilation video made with the now-defunct YouTube Video Editor on the same day.

On April 19, 2015, he started doing a playthrough of Ball Travel 3D, but he kept complaining about the battery on his phone(s). It was originally going to be 12 or 11 minutes long, but it ended up being 10 minutes long. Originally, Brian wasn't going to put the playthrough on YouTube due to the music, but he did it anyway.

He also made a blog about the game stating that it got removed from the App Store, and that he almost completed all levels and that he can't control the ball because it's too unstable.

Five months later, Brian made a video of the first level of the game, even though he lost one time as he said "Darn it!".

On September 7, 2015, the playthrough continued with Level 5, even though he never finished Level 4 in the last playthrough (though he did complete it in Part 13 of the Ball Travel 3D playthrough).


  • While the game was free on Android and Windows, it was paid on iOS, costing $0.99.
  • This is Badri Bebua's first game he made, while Ball Travel Zero Gravity was his second game.
  • The game was made with Unity, along with Ball Travel Zero Gravity.
  • According to Badri Bebua, the game was downloaded over 12 million times.
  • Brian is a fan of the Ball Travel games because he made numerous videos about them on his YouTube channels, especially cdgngj11 (OLD).


Animated Segments (from Ball Travel 3D Playthrough, Part 20)

Brian decided to make animated segments for the last part (Part 20) of his Ball Travel 3D playthrough. These include, but not limited to, the animated intro, "The End" screen, and 6 animated still pictures of Blue Ball in various Ball Travel 3D levels. There's additional one that shows Blue Ball winking with text saying "Thanks for watching the Ball Travel 3D playthrough!" above him.