Albert the Skunk Cat

Albert is a character that Brian made. He is known to be best friends with Melvin and Fiona. He will also be one of the main protagonists of Brian's upcoming series The Amazing Gang.

He also appears in Pip Pip's Ronald Gets Grounded series, starting with the episode "Ronald and Miley Destroy and Ruin Gershwyn's Birthday/Grounded BIG TIME", which is the last episode of Season 5.


Albert is a black half skunk and half cat who has a purple nose, white hair, whiskers, and a black and white striped tail. He wears a pacific blue turtleneck shirt with a letter "A" on it.

Trivia Edit

  • He originally had a letter "T" on his shirt because Brian was originally going to be called Terence, but he decided to give the name to Guard Dog, who is a villain in The Amazing Gang, as well as the R.I.P Google Plus short.
  • He is very similar to Fiona since both Albert and her are hybrids.

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